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Are there bugs in your electrical outlets? Read on. PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Useful Information
Monday, 30 April 2012 14:33

no bugs signPanama ... with the warm year-round climate is one reason many of us are here. It is a tropical paradise and home for many unique plants and a multitude of living creatures, great and small. Some of the insects, since they don't have to take shelter in the winter, are quite busy building nests wherever they can.

Has this ever happened to you?

Facts about Health Insurance in Panama PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Useful Information
Friday, 27 April 2012 11:41

health insurance certificateDid you know that you must be under 65 years of age to apply for a local insurance plan in Panama? 

If you are over 65 International Plans could be an option for you. Insurance Companies that have developed plans and premiums for residents of countries from Mexico to Argentina, with affordable costs. There are many options available based. Give us a call to learn more about International Plans. 
You can get your Insurance Medical Tests done at a lower cost. 
San Fernando Coronado Clinic, gives J2L clients deep discounts on tests and exams that are required by insurance companies. You don’t have to travel to the city to have them done or pay the full price in Coronado. 
Experience Panama's Wild Coati Mundi (Gato Solo) PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Thursday, 26 April 2012 17:30

gato solo

Visiting a zoo to view exotic animals is loads of fun, but the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat, the wild, is even more exciting.

During a visit to Monkey Island, visitors have the opportunity to see the Capuchin Monkeys in the wild and even have an up close and personal chance to feed them; it's been said that such trips are the highlight of a trip to Panama for many visitors.

However, a long trip isn't necessary to experience the natural wildlife of Panama.  The Gato Solos, a name used by Panamanians for the Coati Mundi, can be see in your typical Panama neighborhood bordering the jungles.

Madonna's architect exhibiting in CASACOR PDF Print E-mail
Panama Life - Art and Artists
Thursday, 26 April 2012 13:53

Harry Segil

Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Robin Williams and Valentino are some of his clients. The architecture is part of his life and he is presenting his work in Casa Cor 2012. He is a South African, but is living in Panama since five years now, after emigrating from Los Angles.

Harry Segil is an architect with a colorful proposal, who admires the Panamanian culture and landscape. For him, Panama and South Africa are very much alike. His audacity for colors and fame as designer lead the 'Queen of Pop' to call him to work on the redesign of the offices of her studio in Los Angles in the late 80's and early 90's. The pop diva asked him to work around the pink color and turquoise with white and black.
Another loyal buyer of his furniture is actor Robin William, who not only buys his furniture, but gives them as present to his family.
About Madonna, he said he met her in person.
“She appreciates art very much and that is why she chooses the most creative and innovative persons in the world, that's the key for her success,” he added. The south African artist is creating a completely new concept of the “Panamanian pop art”, that he wishes to introduce in Europe, with the intention of making the diversity of races, colors and beauty of Panama known in foreign land.
$100 Donation to Charities PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Monday, 23 April 2012 10:34

"On St. Pat’s Day, I attended the function at Finca la Maya. I was very impressed with the facilities and the work that they and their volunteers are doing in the community.

It is one of many such examples of community involvement by EXPAT’s in the Beach area.

Although I live in the City, I feel that I am part of your Beach Community. As such, I would like to give something back to your area.

The Beach area has responded so well to our Offshore CD Network Certificate of Deposit Program.
I have decided to donate $100 for each new Certificate of Deposit from EXPAT’s in the Beach area. That would include Altos, El Valle and as far as Penenome.

I will make the gift in the name of our client to Finca Maya.
However if the client has different favorite local charity, I will make the gift in their name to that organization.”

Lee Lukes
Offshore CD Network, Inc.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How to Buy a Used Car in Panama PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Useful Information
Thursday, 19 April 2012 13:07

white carBuying a car in Panama, can there be anything more intimidating!

Our first vehicle was bought at the dealer new, so they took care of everything, could not be easier. Now, that it was time for a second vehicle we decided to get one second hand.  As of that moment the stress and anxiety settled in!  What needed to be done?  Asked around, put notes on message boards, you name it.  I did get quite a few responses which varied from:  ‘let us know as we are looking at doing the same thing’.  ‘Use a consultant, the process is not worth your time and effort, to go here and there’  mixed info as to where I needed to go,   and well … have fun!

So, I set my intimidation aside and decided to confront the problem head on!  I started with going to the local license plate office in Chame  (situated on the 2nd floor of the building where the Banco Nacional used to be, next to the post office) and in my limited Spanish got some information but also got my confidence back as  the clerk was so nice and realized that most Panamanians are willing to help you get through the process.  I found out that I could not get anything done in Chame but needed to go to where the car was originally registered.  I had  a stack of papers (given to me by the owner)  and the clerk was able to tell me where I needed to go.

Tanya Coronado of PTY Lawyers at Playacommunity mixer PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 15:11

ladiesA quick reminder that the Playacommunity mixer will be held next week Wednesday,  April 25th, at 11:00 am. The mixer will be at Paraiso Restaurant in Las Uvas this month. Tanya Coronado from PTY Lawyers will be there to kick off the event. Tanya is a knowledgeable lawyer who knows the ins and outs of real estate law, and buying or selling as a foreigner in Panama. She will be speaking and answering questions starting at 11:00 am. Tanya is fluent in English and has office hours in Coronado every Monday at the Playacommunity office.

If you are new to the area, or hearing about the mixer for the first time please join us! The Mixer is a wonderful opportunity to meet the people of the community. Lunch will be served buffet style, for only $11.00. If you will be joining us for lunch please be sure to RSVP to ensue there is enough food for all!

This month we will be playing PANAMA FACTS for prizes. It's a great way to learn about Panama. There are Panama Facts on every page of Playacommunity.Com. Answer quiz questions to win prizes at the Mixer.

Picasso Bar and Restaurant: Night Life and Community Market PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Friday, 13 April 2012 23:55

Picasso Bar logoClair Ross, owner of Picasso Bar & Restaurant is one of the hardest working restaurateurs at the beaches. Since opening Picasso Bar & Restaurant in Coronado in January of 2011, the venue is becoming a popular area night-life spot. Several times in the month, Piccaso hosts popular entertainers that put on party and draw a crowd. Claire has brought in DJ Miki who keeps the music spinning until the early hours of the morning. Also on the calendar are rock bands, such as Zodiac and The Gorgons; Irish folk singers and recently Improv8 preformed live to a rave audience. Along with the entertainment, Picasso offers wood-oven pizza, pastas, Thai curries, weekend breakfast and a daily happy hour. Keeping in line with popular offerings, Picasso has recently opened up a “Zen Corner”. Nestled in the lounge area of the restaurant, Picasso’s Zen Corner offers local crafts, philosophical books, Panama hats, handmade bags, organics, candles, incenses, natural food products and more.

Spring Cleaning? PDF Print E-mail
Panama Social - Spay the Strays
Friday, 13 April 2012 14:33

Spay the Strays The Spay the Strays will be holding a patio sale in Chame for the local Panamanians as a fundraiser on Saturday, 21 April.  The success of this depends entirely on your donations.  We collect your unwanted items such as clothes, shoes, handbags, housewares, furniture, garden tools, etc and we sell them for an EXTREMELY affordable amount to those who could otherwise not afford to purchase them.  In the past we have had much success by holding these patio sales in El Valle. We normally raise enough money to pay for one of our smaller clinics.  This time, we’re trying a new locale.  So, please take a few moments to look around for things that you no longer use and help a win-win cause!  If you call or email me, I can arrange to pick up your items.

Fun in the Sun at Panama's El Palmar Beach PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 19:39

El PalmarAbout a half hour's drive from the El Rey and McDonalds at Coronado there is a quiet little friendly town with a surfer atmosphere.  Located just past San Carlos, the road into the area is easily missed. El Palmar is a favorite spot for local surfers and holidayers.

The beach
Characteristic of Panama's Pacific coast, the El Palmar beach is white sand, speckled with diamond black sand. An 18 foot tide swing creates lots of sandy beach for walks and playing in shallow waters. If you do head out for a walk, be sure to get back within a couple of hours, as the tide rises high enough to cut off walking paths. For surfers, there are several sandy breaks, even thought the majority of the beach is rocky. Businesses and residents of El Palmar are very proud of their community and strive to keep beach access pathways and the beach itself clean. There are garbage cans at access entrances, and regular garbage pickup.

Panama Life - Spanish Lessons
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 10:42

spanish languageIn our quest to understand and be able to speak better Spanish, it is always a good idea to be familiar with as much theory as possible.  Knowing how to conjugate verbs in the right tense, understanding the use of gender, pronouns, reflexive verbs, passive sentences, etc. really helps.  But memorizing phrases will improve your Spanish too.   After all, that is pretty much how we all learned to speak English.

Below are some phrases I think you will find very useful.  I have tried to include phrases that are beyond the more common.   Some use an infinitive verb to get the point across.  These are good because you don't have to conjugate as often.  Some make very little sense or none at all when translating them into English.  These are sometimes interesting though because they show how a Spanish speaker would say something differently than we would say the same thing in English.  Sometimes you can see the logic, sometimes you can't.   If you can, you will find memorization easier.  But sometimes you just have to memorize it.

Whole House Power Surge Protection in Panama PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Panama News Wire
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 10:17

power box

Due to the many power spikes and brown outs in electricity here in Panama, appliances, computers and other electronics can easily burn out and they waste power.
If you’ve got a computer, electronics and appliances—and who doesn’t these days?—you can’t afford not to safeguard them with whole-house power surge protection. 
How to protect your equipment from power surges
Preventing electrical surge damage has traditionally been left to the consumer to guess at what to do. Do you buy numerous surge protector strips? Do you spend time running around the house during a lightning storm 
unplugging everything in sight because you don’t want to lose an appliance? Or do you just do nothing and rely on your appliance warranty or homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any surge losses that may occur?
Örebä Chocolate in Bocas del Toro PDF Print E-mail
Panama Life - Panama Travel
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 14:54

cacao podsWhen visiting Bocas del Toro, don’t miss the opportunity to take in the Örebä Chocolate Tour.

While on a recent trip to Bocas del Toro, our intrepid group of adventurers decided to take the Örebä Chocolate Tour, Örebä is the Ngäbe word for cacao. The chocolate is 100% organic and the care and nurturing of the cacao plants are all done by hand.
I had heard about the tour and the reports on “Trip Advisor” were very positive. After booking the tour at Casa Verde Hostel in Bocas, we took the 9 a.m. boat from Bocas del Toro to Almirante. Our guide, Samuel, was waiting at the dock with his “Örebä Chocolate Tour” sign.
We all piled into a taxi for the 10 min ride to the cacao (pronounced “cah-cow”) plantation. On arrival, we were provided with walking sticks and rain ponchos – both of which turned out to be valuable pieces of equipment. 
During our 3 hour tour, Samuel explained about harvesting the cacao pod and processing the individual beans for market. Along the trail he pointed out many edible plants and trees, including star fruit, taro, orange, avocado and guava trees.
Finca la Maya - Fund Raiser 2012, San Carlos PDF Print E-mail
Panama Social - Finca la Maya
Sunday, 18 March 2012 20:47

childrenFinca la Maya had their annual fun-raiser event last Saturday, March 17th. The event is held to raise awareness for Finca la Maya's educational programs for Panamanian youngsters. Thier goal is to enhance educational and vocational opportunities for local Panamanian children by providing free enrichment programs in language, culture and the arts.

Finca La Maya’s programs include English language classes, “Art for Kids” and a community library offering bi-lingual books, references materials, and DVDs. Up to one hundred kids have attended the free weekly classes at the facility in San Carlos. Most of them most coming from Panama’s Pacific coast poorer rural communities.
All programs at Finca La Maya are dependent on the generosity of volunteers and entirely supported by donations. To learn more about the free community programs or to sponsor a student, visit For photos, click Read More.


Penonome, Art in the Park and More PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Saturday, 17 March 2012 17:28

Art in the Park

The 6th Annual Art in the Park festival was held in Penonome this Saturday, March 17th. The festival  strives to promote the development of the Cocle province by supporting student art and emerging talent. This year four scholarships for art materials will be given away, one from GANEXA (the local art school) and three from the municipality of Penonome. With the help of beach and mountain communities, this project has continued to support regional artists and launch projects promoting art development in urban and rural areas throughout the province. Many artist are unable to afford the tuition to attend art school or to buy art supplies. The Art in the Park initiative is geared towards generating the means to assist young artists develop their talents and achieve their goals. To learn more about Art in the Park, visit thier webiste at:
Click the 'Read More' link for some wonderful Art in the Park pictures by Louise Belisle.

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