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Panama Riptides - How to Identify and Escape PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Useful Information
Thursday, 09 August 2012 14:18

riptide Every year a number of people get caught up in a riptide and die swimming in Panama's oceans. A riptide is a strong channel of water moving out to sea, usually though the surf line. A riptide will not pull you underwater. The typically flow of a riptide is 1-2 ft per second, however riptides can move as fast a 8 feet per second. Riptides are dangerous for swimmers and surfers here in Panama. While it is important to understand how to identify and escape them, it is equally important to understand how help someone who is caught in one.

Panama is 'Moving like Bernie' PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 15:12


dance moveIn the last couple months a dance craze, derived from the 1980’s movie "Weekend at Bernie’s", has been spreading like wildfire in Panama. The dance move, that involves throwing your head back like you have a nose bleed and flailing your limp body around like a zombie, originally gained popularity in the southern United States. The move has since then been adopted by Panama’s national soccer team in celebration of a goal against Honduras. President Martinelli has also been moving 'como Bernie' - the president found himself in hot water after moving like bernie with some college kids instead of attending to government matters back in June.

Click the 'Read More' link below to see what 'como Bernie' is all about. And if you dance "como Bernie" when you hear the tune, at any Playacommunity event, you could win a prize.

Changes to the Toll System on the South Corridor in Panama City PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 12:48

toll booth panamaStarting September 2012, tolls payments on the South Corridor will be made only with the 'Surexpress' card. According to Rigoberto Effio, National Highway Company Administrator (ENA) the measure seeks to reduce long lines at the toll booths during rush hour.  Effio says the electronic payment system will reduce the wait time by half. Currently, the sur express cards can be bought at Corredor Sur Delta Gas Station for $5 and can be recharged at the toll booths. ENA will also be setting up 300 recharge points in major super markets in Panama city. For more information you can call 260-0433 ext. 2319 or 2320.

Bringing Businesses Together at Panama's Beaches PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Monday, 06 August 2012 16:23

networking peopleBusiness at the beach is the sought after dream of many northern hemisphere entrepreneurs and professionals, specially during the months of scraping ice off frozen windshields. For those of us, living the dream of working at the beach, business life is not always as idillic as the poster.
Businesses at Panama beaches face seasonal traffic and consumers on limited income among other challenges. While Panama's beaches holds high future potential, todays businesses often have to hold their ground to weather the low season. Expatriate business have the additional challenge of foreign regulations, employee culture and a new language.

The Playa Business Club, formed by Karyn Saunders aims to bring businesses together for the purpose of sharing information and networking. Karyn, an entrepreneur with many talents has leant a hand to a number of businesses in Canada, her home country and in Panama. "The aim of the club is to bring a community of businesses together to share ideas, be a part of improvement initiatives and to help each other in better business practices". In the 4 years that Karyn has lived in Panama, she has made friends and initiated projects with local businesses along Panama's Pacific coast.

Spay the Strays/Spay Panama Blitz PDF Print E-mail
Panama Social - Spay the Strays
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 12:05

puppyThis past weekend, Spay Panama joined forces with the Spay the Strays Group to hold a “blitz” at Las Lajas to spay and neuter street animals, rescues, and the pets of low income Panamanians. Spay Panama arrived on Saturday evening and worked until late night operating on 129 walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis.After just a few hours of sleep, they started again on Sunday with the help of our intrepid Spay the Strays volunteers.Together, we sterilized another 201 for a total of 330 animals! As usual, conditions were rugged (hot, dirty, crowded) but everyone teamed up and finished by late afternoon with no waiting list for our first time in years!

Our Spay the Strays Group gives heartfelt thanks to both our dedicated volunteers and to the tireless team of Spay Panama. Not only did personnel from Spay Panama conduct the operations, but they also made a special trip to Las Lajas on Friday to teach school children the care and responsibility of owning a pet. They made it fun by allowing the children to bring their pets, by holding an art contest and by serving cake afterward. Spay the Strays together with Spay Panama does make a difference! If you would like to either volunteer for future events or donate money so that we can continue with our mission, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or “like” our Facebook page Spay the Strays Panama. Check out the cool photos of both the blitz and the school children.

Heads-Up for Punta Chame Beachfront Lots PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Panama News Wire
Friday, 27 July 2012 11:19

punta chame beachfront propertyIf you currently own beachfront property in Punta Chame, your property boundaries may have changed. If you are thinking of buying beachfront in Punta Chame, be aware that the property you are looking at may come with legal complications.

With natural sand deposits building the coast line, beach front properties lines have extended over the years. The situation has created an opportunity for a corporation to use loopholes to swoop up beach front land and title it, without the knowledge of property owners who are just waking up to realize that they may not own the property they think they have.

Don Winner of Panama-Guide.Com is investigating the situation and is reporting about it. Read the full story here.

We Are Eager to Love. Please Adopt Us PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Cats and Dogs
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 13:48

This lovely doggies need a home:

alt alt alt


Panama Safety Box Opens at Coronado Mall PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Useful Information
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 23:10

safety boxPanama Safety Box is now open for business in Coronado Mall. The company offers boxes in 4 different sizes, which are available from terms of 3 months and up. Catering to businesses and individuals who need a secure facility to lock away important documents and valuables, the service is the first of it’s kind to open at the beaches.

Located on the food court level of the Coronado Mall, a wall of safety boxes are secured behind steel doors, with hours of access from Monday to Friday.

For more information call 345-3203 or visit them at Coronado Mall.

In Home Patient Care, now available in Panama's Beaches PDF Print E-mail
Panama Life - Health and Fitness
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 12:10

MD Integra logo

Health issues are one of the strongest concern for expats moving to Panama to live.  While Panama has good doctors and medical care facilities, there is one company that is taking patient care to the next step and bringing treatment directly to your home. Mercerdes Ortegis, director of MD Integra has developed an on-call program that is tailored to the meet the needs of each patient. Weather it is a single consultation for a passing concern, or a condition that needs regular monitoring and assistance, help is at hand. 

The most popular programs are the 'On Call Clinic' and the 'Health Manager Program'.
The On Call Clinic Services:
Panama Life - Spanish Lessons
Monday, 23 July 2012 09:44


learn Spanish languageBack by popular demand, more subjunctive for you.  This time we will look at the basics of the Past Subjunctive, also referred to as the Imperfect Subjunctive.  Please note the subjunctive tenses are advanced Spanish.  If you are relatively new to studying Spanish,  don't be discouraged if you find this difficult.  It is just another step in the learning of Spanish that you will come to at the right time.  For you advanced students that time has arrived!  
I remember thinking,  yet another subjunctive tense?  After all,  if something has already happened,  then how can it be subjunctive?  Now I have to learn another one. Great.  But once I got into it a little, it was not that bad.  At that point I did have a fair understanding of the present subjunctive.  
Just like the present subjunctive, the difficult part of the past subjunctive in knowing when to use it.  But before looking at what triggers a past subjunctive sentence, lets first look at  how the verbs in the past subjunctive are conjugated.  Lucky for us, this is not too difficult because all Spanish verbs in the past subjunctive are conjugated in the same manner.   Let me mention that there are two ways Spanish verbs are conjugated in the past subjunctive.  The one below is by far the most common.  Don't worry about the other.
Resolution for crimes at the beaches in Panama PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Community News
Saturday, 21 July 2012 12:45

crime sceneA recent robbery of Ty’s Sports Bar in El Valle, was the catalyst that launched Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN). The group, organized by Rob Brown, known in the area as “Roberto Chocolate” came together to help expats find their way towards getting resolution for crimes that happen in their community. Many expats feel that the area crimes remain unresolved due to social/political influences that render the police ineffective.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors intends to help Expats understand and deal with what to do when they are victims of crimes. They can help with where to go and how to gain resolution. Rob Brown is also working to gain attention for the cause at higher political levels.

For news of what Neighbors Helping Neighbors is doing, visit

Linda Murdock of San Carlos was recently the victim of a professional robbery. She was targeted at El Rey in Coronado. Read her story here.

Volunteer Request for next Spay the Strays Clinic PDF Print E-mail
Panama Social - Spay the Strays
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 14:20


dog and catHola Volunteers,
It's that time again –we have a confirmed date for our next SPAY BLITZ, with Pat Chan and Spay Panama. The clinic will be held on Sunday July 29th,at the school in Las Lajas (in front of the Casa Communal).Directions to the site will be sent out in a separate e-mail. .There will be 2 shifts: 7:30-11:30am, and 11:30-3:30 pm. For those of you not familiar with Spay Panama, they are the largest spay/neuter organization in Panama. They usually bring around 10 vets and support staff. If you haven't experienced a blitz, you might find it quite interesting, as it is like a mash unit! 
The volunteer positions that we need to fill are: bilingual and non-bilingual receptionists, table cleaners, taxis (for carrying the animals to the various stations, recovery (to watch over the animals), and drivers (to transport the animals and owners).  Snacks will be provided.
Panama Social - Coronado Area Social Association
Friday, 06 July 2012 15:14

CASA logoIt’s that time of year again:  Time for the CASA Annual “SUMMER” Beach Party, and the CHICKEN is back!   So mark your calendars, invite your old friends and new neighbors, bring along a dish to share and your own liquid refreshment,  and come prepared to have a great time at Costa Esmeralda on Wednesday, July 18th from  2-6.   

  Reservations need to be in by Sunday July 15  early evening.  Again this year, a low cost for a great afternoon and great food: $3.00 for CASA members and $5.00 for non members.   And, if you are not presently a CASA member there will be an opportunity to join CASA at the party and receive the reduced price.

Expat Explorers Hacked! PDF Print E-mail
Panama News - Panama News Wire
Friday, 13 July 2012 15:04


laura alexanderLaura Alexander of Expats in Panama / Expat Explorers group has had her online accounts hacked, “My websites, facebook, paypal account, and emails have been completely hacked and taken out of my control. I have contacted the company authorities and webhosting services, however am having a hard time proving I am who I say I am because whomever hacked in has all of the information one would need to say the same thing. I may have to go to higher authorities, but the hosting services have stated that, so far, nothing seems to have been done at this time; yet it is obvious they wanted control for some reason”.

Laura fell in love with Panama in 2002 and organized trips and events for English speaking newcomers to Panama. Her organization work has always been unpaid, from the heart and often completely voluntary. Her events ran like well oiled machines. She sent out a popular monthly events newsletter through the Expat Explorers yahoo group.
Over the last year, Laura has been planning her retirement and moved her focus to her family. As such she has not logged in to the yahoo group for sometime. She didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter until she found herself “locked completely out of all of the @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  emails, etc.”

Laptop Angel...are you one? PDF Print E-mail
Panama Social - Finca la Maya
Thursday, 12 July 2012 11:55

students at computers........and we're not talking dancing!

Students in our free community programs need laptops! We have the teacher and the students are eager to learn. Right now they need your donation of a functioning laptop (not desktop) computer.

Rich Sumwalt and Vicki Oberstadt recently donated computers. The new computer class will be taught by volunteer Rich and is due to start soon. Kids are waiting in line until there is a laptop for them to use. Students in the world today cannot get by without them. The computer class will provide FLM students with an enriching experience and a competitive edge.

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